TMT 2010
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14th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”
TMT 2010
Mediterranean Cruise, 11-18 September 2010
EDITORS: Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović, Dr. Yildirim Uctug, Dr. Joan Vivancos Calvet
ISSN 1840-4944

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Machinability of Difficult Machining Materials Elso Kuljanic, Marco Sortino, Giovanni Totis (Italy) pdfdownload PDF
The Future and the Evolution of CAD Stefano Tornincasa, Francesco Di Monaco (Italy) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of the Tool Ratio Eccentricity/Tool Edge Radius Grinding Error on the Surface Roughness Obtained in Side Milling Processes Using Tools of 6 and 4 Teeth I.Buj-Corral, J. Vivancos-Calvet, H. González-Rojas (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Constructive and Technological Development of Hypoid Gears Gyenge Csaba, Kismihaly Janos (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Function on Gaussian and 2RC Filters to Determine the Roughness Profile in Real Non-Periodic and Periodic Surfaces Mite Tomov, Mikolaj Kuzinovski, Neven Trajčevski (Macedonia) pdfdownload PDF
Study of the Influence of the Relationship Between Feed Per Tooth and Radial Depth on the Surface Topography and Surface Roughness Obtained in Ball-End Milling Processes I.Buj-Corral, J. Vivancos-Calvet, H. González-Rojas, A. Domínguez-Fernández (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Analyzing and Modeling of the Influence of Cutting Parameters on the Cutting Force in Face Milling Dražen Bajić, Luka Celent, Sonja Jozić (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Correlation Research of Cutting Forces During Turning Avdi Salihu, Hakif Zeqiri, Avdyl Bunjaku, Nexhat Qehaja, Azem Kyqyku (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Temperature Identification of Drilling Process Using Thermovision Methods Krzysztof Lis, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Comparative Analysis of /DDSS/ Dynamic and Conventional Method of Static Stiffness Determination Janusz Śliwka, Maciej Kaźmierczak (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
FEM Temperature Modelling in Drilling Process W. Mieszczak, K. Lis (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Methodology and Adjustment of the Test for Determining the Polishing Difficulty Degree of Hardened Steel Surfaces, Previously Obtained by High-Speed Milling Processes I.Buj-Corral, J. Vivancos-Calvet, R. Casado-López (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Evaluation of Machine Tool Frames in the Process of Optimization Jan Kosmol, Piotr Wilk, Marian Niedbała (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation Research of Heavy Planer Mills Krzysztof Lehrich, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Programming and Simulation of Workpiece in CNC Milling Machine Afrim Gjelaj, Avdyl Bunjaku, Mexhait Rustemi, Mehmet Zeqiraj (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling of Welding Process by Robotic Vision Isak Karabegović, Fuad Ćatović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Experiences in Welding of Membrane Panels made of 7CrMoVTiB 10-10 (T24) Steel Janusz Adamiec, Adam Hernas (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Heat Input on the Weld Metal Toughness of Surface Welded Joint Olivera Popović, Radica Prokić-Cvetković, Meri Burzić, Zlatan Milutinović (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Tensile Properties of Ferrite-Austenitic Welded Joint Radomir Jovičić, Aleksandar Sedmak, Aleksandar Bukvić, Radica Prokić-Cvetković, Olivera Popović (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Residual Stress in Wire Drawing Processes D. Salcedo, C. J. Luis, J. Leon,  R. Luri, I. Puertas, I. Pérez  (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Effect of the Die Geometry on the Imparted Damage on Wire Drawing J. León, C.J. Luis, D. Salcedo, R. Luri, I. Puertas, I. Pérez  (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Shear Bond Strength of Dental Self-Adhesive Resin Cements M. Zrilic, K. Obradovic-Djuricic, D. Gavrilov, I. Balac, B. Jokic, D.Popović, P. Uskokovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Analysis of Deep Drawing Amra Talić – Čikmiš, Muamer Trako, Mladen Karivan (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Passive Wooden House Salah – Eldien Omer, Minka Ćehić*, Alma Štrkonjić* (Croatia, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Simple Solutions for Controlling the Quality of Infiltrated Air Through the Exterior Joinery Elements in Case of Calamities Virgil Grecu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Distribution Coefficient of Cr (VI) and Ni (II) Ions Removal from Aqueous Solution by the Anode Dust A.Štrkalj, A. Rađenović, J. Malina (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Mechanical Properties of Plasma Nitrided Layers Zdeněk Pokorný, Vojtěch Hrubý, Karel Stránský (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
WEEE – Potential Resource Base,”Above the Ground  Mine”, for the Future Ljubisa D. Misic, Jonovic R. Radojka, Gardic R. Vojka (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Change of the Ecap Tool Channel Geometry with Inserted Helix for Strain Hardening of the Semis made of Al and Al Alloys Stanislav Rusz, Lubomir Cizek, Stanislav Tylsar, Jan Kedron, Tibor Donic*, Marcin Knapinski** (Czech Republic, *Slovakia, **Poland) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Anode Dust Concentration on Removal Efficiency of Cr (VI) and Ni (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption A.Štrkalj, A. Rađenović, J. Malina (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Thermodiffusion Treatments on Improvement of Surface Layers Properties Created on Low-Carbon and Low-Alloyed Steels D. Krumes, I. Kladarić, V. Marušić, M. Stubičar, A. Milinović, I. N. Mihailescu* (Croatia, *Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Objective Function in Genetic Algorithm for Material Behaviour Modeling Marina Franulović, Robert Basan (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Heat Treated Wood Nikola Vukas, Izet Horman, Seid Hajdarević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Relationship Between Quasi-Static and Impact Toughness Ismar Hajro, Damir Hodžić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Impact Toughness of Steamline Material 14MoV6-3 after Long-Term Exploitation Damir Hodžić, Ismar Hajro (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Igneous and Lime Units the Pavement Amir Baraković, Edis Softić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Pre and Post-Swelling Mechanical Behavior of a Water-Swelling Elastomer S.Z. Qamar, T. Pervez, S.A. Al-Hiddabi (Sultanate of Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Corrosion Resistance of Dental Alloys Belma Muhamedagić, Lejla Muhamedagić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Tensile Properties of Two Al-Mg Welded Plates after Applying Different Welding Conditions Vencislav Grabulov, Zijah Burzić, Miljana Popović, Endre Romhanji (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Study Mechanical Behavior of Heat Resistant Steels in Thermal Power Lines Amalia Ana Dascăl (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimize the Chemical Composition of Steel to Improve the Mechanical Characteristics of Strenght and Rigidity Amalia Ana Dascăl (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Temperature on the Mechanical Characteristics of Strenght and Rigidity For Heat Resistant Steel Amalia Ana Dascăl (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Structure and Properties of Copper after DRECE Processing Lubomír Čížek, S. Rusz, J. Kedroň, S. Tylšar, V. Michenka (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Thermodynamic Analysis and Characterization of Ga-Ge-Sb Alloys as Materials for Semiconductor Application Ana Kostov, Dragana Živković (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Platinum Solvent Extraction from Rhodium-Acid Solution Suzana  S. Dragulović, Vlastimir K. Trujić, Zdenka S. Stanojević Šimšić, Vladimir B. Cvetkovski, Zorica S. Ljubomirović, Silvana B. Dimitrijević, Danijela B. Simonović (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Anneal Hardening Effect in Sintered Copper Alloys  Dependence on Alloying Elements and Deformation Svetlana Nestorović, Desimir D. Marković (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Evaluation of Measurement Systems and Methods Imre Nemedi, Miodrag Hadžistević, Janko Hodolič (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Assessment of Stability of Manufacturing Process Aided by Average Difference Chart Magdalena Diering, Edward Pająk, Sabahudin Jašarević* (Poland, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Importance of Interlaboratory Comparison in Length Measurement as a Prerequisite for Raising the Accuracy of Measurement and Development of Measurement Traceability Hazim Bašić, Almira Softić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Role of Gage R&R in Estimation of Process Capability Biserka Runje, Gorana Baršić, Vesna Alar (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Alpina’s new Footwear Development Through Optical Foot Measurements Slavko Dolinšek, Boštjan Novak, Peter Štrukelj (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Measurement and Force Adjustment in Boiler Suspensions and Other Statically Indeterminate Mechanical Systems Donat Renowicz, Marek Plaza, Bogusław Plaza, Ewa Renowicz (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Integrated Installation Systems used for a Joinery and Furniture Testing Laboratory with a View to the Quality Certification Virgil Grecu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Trends in the Firm’s Organization and Management Lucia Bednárová, Igor Liberko (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Managerial Tools & Internet the Sources of Competitive Advantage of Firms Mirjana Cicak, Marina Dabic, Timothy S. Kiessling* (Croatia, *Australia) pdfdownload PDF
Using RFID for Real-Time Production Management in the Digital Enterprise Gordana Maticevic, Marina Dabic, Tugrul U. Daim* (Croatia, *USA) pdfdownload PDF
Government Competitiveness and Entrepreneurial Activity – Empirical Analysis Darko Petković, Nino Serdarević, Nevzet Sefo (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Strengthening the Technological Capacities of SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Through Programs of Cooperation with Universities and Research Centres Bahrija Umihanić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Market Survey and Identification of High Impact ICTS in B&H Wood Processing Industry Ismar Alagić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Impact of Buyer Supplier Relationships on Company Performance: An Empirical Research on Turkish Automotive Supplier Industry Sitki Gözlü, Hasan Kürşat Güleş, Vural Çağliyan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Assembly System Selection Case Study Sukran Seker, Mesut Ozgurler (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Service Quality Management System in Urban Public Transport F. Tunç Bozbura, Erkan Bayraktar, Ismail Durman (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Financial Factors, Stumbling Block at Introduction and Maintenance of the Quality System Sabahudin Jašarević, Safet Brdarević, Magdalena Diering* (B&H, *Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Strategic Management of University Based on Quality Assurance System Snježana Rezić, Dražena Tomić, Vlado Majstorović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Using the Model of Measurement Intangible Assets (Intellectual Property) to Evaluate Companies in Bosnia-Herzegovina Meliha Bašić, Amir Arnautović, Suvada Durmić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Designing a Simple U-Shaped Production Line and Analysis of Effectiveness Şenim Özgürler, Ali F. Güneri, Bahadir Gülsün, Onur Yilmaz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
A Solution to Customer Selection Problem in Logistics using the Analytic Network Process (ANP) Onur Yilmaz Bahadir Gülsün, Ali F. Güneri,  Şenim Özgürler (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
New Guidelines in Creating PLM and PDM Software Nedžad Repčić, Vahid Avdić, Nedim Pervan (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Product Data Management Systems (PDMS) as a Support in Student Engineering Design Activities Senad Balić, Elma Mrđanović, Nedžad Šaranović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Management Information Systems and the Process of Development a Corporate Communications Project Nurgül Demirtaş, Özge Nalan Alp, Hayri Baraçlı (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Initial Implementation and Future Development of Integrated Hospital Information System in Cantonal Hospital Zenica Senad Balić, Jedin Čaušević, Nedžad Šaranović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Economic Justification of the Automatic Lubrication Using Aleksandar Ašonja, Živoslav Adamović (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Application of Modal Analysis on the Behaviour Diagnosis of Lignocelluloses Plates Stanciu Mariana Domnica, Curtu Ioan, Rosca Ioan Calin (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Application of Fuzzy Logic in Control System Using Simulator GUNT RT124 Ante Cibilic, Radovan Antonic, Ivana Golub (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
A Literature Review for the Simulated Annealing Method on the Parallel Machines Since 2003 Pelin Alcan, Hüseyin Başligil (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
New Technology Makes Wet Mineral and ORE Milling more Efficient and Ecological Stanislaw Serkowski (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Health Effects of Air Pollution Lejla Muhamedagić, Belma Muhamedagić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Motor Vehicles in Pollutant Emission in Urban Environments Bashkim Baxhaku, Naser Lajqi, Heset Cakolli, Shpetim Lajqi (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Air Pollution Prevention from Volatile Organic Compound on Shuttle Tankers Ivan Komar, Radovan Antonić, Branko Lalić, Đorđe Dobrota (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to Non-Stationary Environmental Data Sets Milan Hofreiter (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Ecology and Read Transport in Repubblic of  Kosovo Bashkim Baxhaku, Naser Lajqi,  Shpetim Lajqi (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Contents of Pb, Zn, Ni, Mn, Cd and Tl in Sedimentary Dust in the City of Tuzla S.Mičević, J.Marković, A.Bašić, A.Adilović, E.Halilčević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Waste Packaging Management in Republic of Croatia Maja Rujnić-Sokele, Mladen Šercer, Ana Pilipović (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Definition of Statistics, Corrected and Classical Degree of Efficiency Wastewater Treatment Nusret Imamović, Šefket Goletić, Sabahudin Ekinović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Negative Effect of UV Radiation on the Health of the Population Zorka Jugović, Danijela Pecarski, Vera Ilanković,  Nikola Ilanković (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Ecological Aspects of Traditional Drinking Water Supply by Shallow Wells in Norhtwest  Bosnia Dinka Pašić-Škripić, Izet Žigić, Dado Srkalović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Redesigning a Book Production Process using DFE Tools Diana Milcic, Adisa Vucina*, Davor Donevski (Croatia, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Pipeline of Drinking Water Breza as a Possible Source of Environmental Power Nurudin Avdić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Removal of As from the Sulphur Acidic Waste Solution Obtained in the Electrolytic Copper Refining Process Radmila Marković, Bernd Friedrich*, Jasmina Stevanović, Branimir Jugović, Milica Gvozdenović, Jasna Stajić-Trošić, (Serbia, *Germany) pdfdownload PDF
Testing Quality of Technological Waste Water in Zenica Industrial Zone Šefket Goletić, Nusret Imamović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Classification with Artificial Immune Systems Małgorzata Kuchta, Andrzej Sokołowski (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Combination of Simulation Software and Virtual Reality for Technological Workplaces Design Jozef Novak-Marcinčin (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Options of Motion Tracking in the Virtual Reality Systems Jozef Novak-Marcinčin, Veronika Fečová (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Visualization Technologies in the Process of Making Composite Structures Jozef Novak-Marcinčin, Jozef Barna (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
A General View on Hardware of Full Fligh Simulator Fevzi Bedir, Hakan Gök, Erhan Aslan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Algorithm of Designing Fuzzy Logic Inference Systems for Diagnostics of Machine Tool and Cutting Process Tomasz Czyszpak, Andrzej Sokołowski (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
E-Governement – Wealth Management System Risk Identification Sabedin Meha, Loreta Gashi, Behar Fejzullahu (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
E-Learning as a Tool for Knowledge Management Dijana Bilinovac (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Model for Adaptive E-Learning in BiH Environment Dragica Radosav*, Indira Hamulic, Nina Bijedic, Emina Junuz (*Serbia, B&H) pdfdownload PDF
A Fast Method for Quality Control of Wolfram Wires Coatings Eliška Chrpová, Hana Ledererová (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Inforamtics in Agricultural Production Zorka Jugović, Zoran Jevremović, Branka Jordović, Aleksandar Peulić (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Electropneumatic System Synthesis of Control Through Matrix Method and Simulation Bukurie Shabani, Agron Pajaziti, Shkelzen Shabani (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Universal Programmable Logic Dragan Cvetković, Željko Stanković (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Simple Method for Lowpass Narrowband Fir Filter Design Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek, Vlatko Dolecek*, Isak Karabegovic* (Mexico, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Novel Sharpened Compensated Comb Decimator Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek, Vlatko Dolecek* (Mexico, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Optimized Virtual Components Systems Design In Mechatronic Networked Enterprises Beqir Hamidi, Vehbi Ramaj (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Optimal Design of Quarter Car Vehicle Suspension System Rame Likaj, Ahmet Shala, Mirlind Bruqi, Mehmet Qelaj (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Geometry Optimization of Tools for Deep Drawing Vukojević Nedeljko, Terzić Muamer, Imamović Mustafa, Fuad Hadžikadunić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Criterion for Selection of the Way for Calculation of Gears Sadullah Avdiu, Nijazi Ibrahimi (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Force-Deformation Dependency Determinded Experimentally on Trapezoidal Enveloped Belts Kyçyku, A., Ibrahimi,N.; Cakolli, H.; Salihu, A. (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Expert Knowledge in the Optimization of the Bulk-Carriers Corrosion Wastage Controlling Sanja I. Bauk, Špiro N. Ivošević (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Pavement Structures Integrity Evaluation Based on Risk Edis Softić, Branko Božić*, Nedim Suljić (B&H, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Dynamic Analysis of Wind Farm using Induction Generator Wind Turbines Nedzmija Demirovic, Sejid Tesnjak* (B&H, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Static and Dynamic Design of the Behavior Constructive Part of the Rotary Excavator Beqir Hamidi (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Design of Lathe-Blade Mechanism with Basic Kinematics Blocks using Methodology of Dual-Vector Algebra Kastriot A. Buza, Shaban A. Buza, Ismajl Gojani, Arbnor Pajaziti, Fevzi Radoniqi (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
On Estimation of Basquin-Coffin-Manson Fatigue Parameters of Low-Alloy Steel AISI4140 Robert Basan, Marina Franulović, Božidar Križan (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Shaft Torsional Oscillation of Induction Motor Including the Rotor Eddy Current with an Inertia Load Nysret  Avdiu, Nysret Zekolli (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Studying Dynamic Effects for the Case of Forward Motion on Crawler Cranes During the Different Terrain Configurations Ilir Doçi, Musli Bajraktari (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Measurement of Resonance Frequency and Other Properties of Lightweight Structures using Advanced Methods Curtu Ioan, Stanciu Mariana Domnica, Timar Janos (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Operation of Exhausters 2,5 MW by Continuous Measuring of Vibrations Safet Brdarević, Sabahudin Jašarević, Senad Alić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Control of Voltage Source Inverters using S PWM Strategy for Adjustable Speed Motors Sabrije Osmanaj, Rexhep Selimaj (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling Shaft Damping of Electrical Drives With Three-Phase Induction Motors with Saturated Magnetic Circuit Nysret Avdiu, Shaban A. Buza (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Power Quality Indices for Unbalance Characterization in Non-Sinusoidal Condition Andrei Cziker, Anca Miron, Mircea Chindriş (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Characteristics of Non-Stationary Thermal Stresses in Disc of the Last Turbine Stage Zvonimir Guzović, Stanislav Sviderek, Tihomir Mihalić (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Three Step Multipliers Gear Ratios for Wind Turbines from Minimum Volume Condition Cristina A. Bozan, Catalin C. Danaila (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Decision Making for the ‘Best’ Solution During the Optimal Design of the Electromotor Shaban A. Buza, Kastriot A.Buza, Fevzi Radoniqi, Drita Lokaj, Nysret Avdiu  (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
On Screw Dislocation near a Crack in PZT Material Under Electromechanical Load Zlatan Kulenović, Darko Kulenović (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Steam Turbine Low Pressure Rotor Axial Channel by Metal Magnetic Memory Method Mica Djordjević, Darko Bajić, Vladimir Djordjević (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Annual Energy Requirements of Nonresidential Buildings Nurdil Eskin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Wind Energy Policies in Turkey Sıtkı Güner, İrem Fırtına, Mehmet Melikoğlu, Ayhan Albostan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Machinery Data Input Optimization in Bearings Rating Life Catalin C. Danaila, Cristina A. Bozan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of the Hydraulic Relief Valve Poppet Geometry on Valve Performance Zdeslav Juric, Zlatan Kulenovic, Darko Kulenovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Oil Quality Influence Analysis on Condition of Hydraulic Excavator RH 120e Tribology Assemblies Hasan Avdić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Forms and Modeling of Non-Stacionary Water Vapor Diffusion by a Flat Wall Rexhep Selimaj, Sabrije Osmanaj (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Numerial Simulation of Hydraulic Oil Flow Through a Valve with Seat Area Type A 10 FS1.0364 Nedim Hodžić, Denis Spahić, Mirzad Skopljaković (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of the Lubricant’s Temperature at Displacement Journal Bearings in Transient Response of Rotor Bearing Systems Fevzi Radoniqi, Xhevat Perjuci, Kastriot A.Buza (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Analysis of Bolted Joint with Coarse and Fine Threads Janko D. Jovanović (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Calculations, Modeling and Analysis with Finite Element Method of Rubber Tyred Container Stacking Crane İsmail Gerdemeli, Serpil Kurt, Metin Yıldırım (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Analysis and Simulation of Deep Drawing Process Vukojević Nedeljko, Terzić Muamer, Šarić Emir, Vukojević Dušan (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Strain Intensities Suad Hasanbegović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Parameter Modelling of Gears Isad Šarić; Nedžad Repčić; Adil Muminović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Analysis of the Tower Crane Ismail Gerdemeli, Serpil Kurt, Okan Deliktaş (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Main Girder Beam Design and Finite Element Analysis of 2X160 Ton Gantry Crane Ismail Gerdemeli, Serpil Kurt, Hasan Onur Alkan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of Numerically and Experimentally Determined SCF for Nozzle in Cylindrical Pressure Vessel Josip Kacmarcik, Nedeljko Vukojevic, Fuad Hadzikadunic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Kinematic, Dynamic and FEA Analysis of the Human Main Joints Dragos-Laurentiu Popa , George Gherghina, Dragos Tutunea, Mihaela-Liana Bogdan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Operating Conditions on Crack Growth Rate Properties of X20 High Alloyed Steel Dž. Gačo, Z. Burzić*, M. Burzić*, F. Islamović, R. Halilagić (B&H, *Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Characteristics and Evaluation of Surface Texture Maňas Karel, Svoboda Emil, Vojtěch Hrubý, Joska Zdeněk, Tran Quang Dung (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution to Studies in Grinding Machining Ti Alloys Jusuf Kevelj, Lutvo Haznadarević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Research on the Influence of Surface Parameters on Technological Properties of Powder Details Irina Boyko, Victor Mironov, Oskars Linins, Andris Kamols (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Thermodynamic Analysis and Characterization of Bi-Cu-Sn Alloys as Advanced Lead-Free Solder Materials for High Temperature Application Dragana Živković, Duško Minić, Dragan Manasijević, Iwao Katayama*, Nadežda Talijan, Ana Kostov (Serbia, *Japan) pdfdownload PDF
Natural  Fibrous Thermal Insulation Materials in Building Zijad Pašić, Albert Kobaš , Mirsad Topalović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Genetic Based Approach to Predict Mechanical Properties of the Material Leo Gusel, Borut Buchmeister, Miran Brezocnik (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Determination of Forming Limit Diagram Amra Talić – Čikmiš, Tomaž Pepelnjak*, Suad Hasanbegović (B&H, *Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Surface Engineering of the Nanostructured Functional-Gradient Materials: Features of Synthesis and Development of New Functionalities Elena Zemtsova, Alexey Monin, Vladimir Smirnov (Russian Federation) pdfdownload PDF
Additional Strengtening of Superalloy Nimonic 80A by Worm Rolling Omer Beganović, Mirsada Oruč, Milan Rimac, Faik Uzunović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Research on the Surface Coatings Influence on Formation Mechanism of the Resistance Welds Vera Kulakova, Irina Boyko (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Designing of Robot Workspace by Application Programming Interface Miran Brezocnik, Simon Brezovnik, Simon Klancnik, Joze Balic, Borut Buchmeister, Leo Gusel (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
The use of LENS Technologyf for Pruducing Implants Miran Brezocnik, Zoran Lestan, Stanko Stepisnik, Matjaz Milfelner (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation on Quality of Rapid Prototyping FDM Method Grzegorz Dyrbuś (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Regulation and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Ibrahim Mustafić, Fuad Klisura, Mirza Berković, (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Measurement of Pressing Force of the Working  Process of the Workpieces from Layered Wood Ekrem Nezirević, Atif Hodžić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Relatedness Requirements and Characteristics of Materials for a some Areas of Applications in Timber Structures Minka Ćehic, Ekrem Nezirević, Atif Hodžić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Rolling Element Bearing Vibration – Generation and Significance Radoslav Tomovic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical Model for Determination of Elastic Springback of Internal Wall After Rifling using Method of Cold Forming Based on Factor Plan 23 Muhamed Lemeš (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Chip Deformation and its Morphology in Orthogonal Cutting of Hardened Steel 42CrMo4 Hakif Zeqiri, Avdi Salihu, Avdyl Bunjaku, Hysni Osmani, Nexhat Qehaja, Fitim Zeqiri (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Comparation of Analitical and Experimental Results of Fluid Pressure in Hydroforming of Tubes Edina Karabegović, Milan Jurković, Mehmed Mahmić, Mirko Ficko* (B&H, *Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Stability Diagrams Prediction in Turning Process Valentina Kallewaard E., Hernán González R*. (Colombia, *Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Impact of the Crack in the Angular Welded Joint  on the Exploiting Behaviour of the Carrying Structures made of Improved Strength Steel Milenko Perović (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Development of New Non-Cyanide  Technology in Gold Plating Silvana Dimitrijevic, Vlastimir Trujic, Mirjana Rajcic-Vujasinovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
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Comparativ Analysis of Metal Cutting Tools Reliability During Processing by Turning in Laboratory Conditions and Exploitation Nexhat Qehaja, Hakif Zeqiri, Hysni Osmani, Jorgaq Kacani*, Fitim Zeqiri (Republic of Kosova, *Albania) pdfdownload PDF
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Contribution to the Analysis of the Operational Availability of Water Supply Sistems in the Fractal Arrangement Sanel Buljubašić, Džemo Tufekčić, Hasan Avdić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Energy Intensity Lowering in Polyethylene Production Igor Sutlović, Nastia Degiuli, Veljko Filipan (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
A Holistic View of Technology and Management Development Towards Sustainable Businesses Borut Buchmeister, Iztok Palčič, Leo Gusel, Jože Pavlinjek, Danijela Lalic* (Slovenia, *Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
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Strength and Safety Verification of Piping System Exposed to Vibrations Nenad Lorkovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Managers' Competence as a Factor of SMEs Growth Suvad Isaković, Bahrija Umihanić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of some Geometrical Parameters of Cylinder Sieves over the Volumetric Ranking Efficiency Apostu Elena Diana , Constantinescu Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Influences of the Cylinder Sieves and the Load Flow of Grain Material over the Volumetric Ranking Efficiency Apostu Elena Diana (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of the Drying Factors Atif Hodžić, Minka Ćehic, Ekrem Nezirević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Flexicurity in Croatia: Transitional Socio-Economic Puzzle Anna Vrca, Nikša Dubreta (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
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Laboratory for Automation and Measurement at the University of Montenegro Marina B. Mijanović Markuš (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
The Culture of an Organisation– A Condition for Successfulness of Business Dušan Djurovic, Miodrag Bulatović (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Improvement of the Quality of Organizational Functioning with Efficient Teams for Solving the Complex Problems Adil Kurtic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Understanding of Quality in the Projects Ferizović Mersud, Ferizović Naida (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Functions of Lubricating Oils in Tribological Systems Alija Karić, Sabahudin Ekinović, Hasan Avdić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
It Supported Statistical Inference: A Combined Meta-Analysis of Territorially Stratified Data Nina Bijedić, Dževad Zečić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of the Features used in Face Recognition Serkan Tüzün, Aydın Akan, Yalçin Çekiç (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Operational Characteristics of Shotblasting Turbine Aleš Hribernik, Bojan Ačko, Gorazd Bombek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Pigging System Halima Hadžiahmetović, Ejub Džaferović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of Technological Parameters on Mine Hoisting Cage in Dynamic Conditions Dušan Vukojević, Elma Ekinović, Mustafa Hadžalić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Stiffness and the Third Bearing on Modal Parameters of a Beam Elma Ekinović, Edin Begović, Mustafa Hadžalić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Comparation of Some Vibration Based Damage Identification Methods in Beams Elma Ekinović, Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
An Analysis of Damping Type Influence to Vibration of Elastic Systems E. Nezirić, S. Isić, V. Doleček, A. Voloder (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Advanced Landfill Gas Energy Projects in the Region of Sarajevo N.Delalic, T.Sadovic, E.Džaferović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Dynamics Model and Monitoring in Rotation Machines Ranko Antunovic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Difference Scheme for Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion Problem Enes Duvnjaković, Nermin Okičić, Samir Karasuljić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Configuration of Smart Devices in Wirelesshart Networks Miroslav Kostadinović, Dušanka Bundalo, Zlatko Bundalo, Perica Gojković (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Preparing of NC Probing Program by CAM Software Arkadiusz Kolka(Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Assessing the Link Between Strategy Choice and Operational Performance of Turkish Companies Erkan Bayraktar, Ekrem Tatoglu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
A Model Proposal for Supplier Selection in Automotive Industry Ahmet Beşkese, Adil Şakra (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Parameters of Cylindrical Gear Pair Nijazi Ibrahimi, Sadullah Avdiu, Riad Ramadani, Halil Demolli (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF